This site is being hosted by myself on my own personal Ubuntu Server
(Version 16.04.3 LTS) Apache version 2.4.18
It is on the same battery backup system as my Ham Radio Equipment.

I am using Bluefish HTML editor 2.2.7 Bluefish to edit this webpage

Note to mobile phone users: if you turn your phone on its side this site it looks better

My Wife Jan (ke0feq) & I are both Amateur Extra Class Radio Operators

We are members of the Clay Center Ks. Amateur Radio Club

Checkout the Clubs Facebook page
(I maintain the Club's website & plan to move it to this server soon)

We recommend It's FREE!! You can use it on your Phone, Tablet or PC.
It's the only study guide we have ever used. I went from no license to Extra in 3 months using Ham Study.
Jan took 4 months & she was very sick during that time. In fact Operators at our
club used Ham Study and we went form 1 Extra to 7 in just a few months.

Update: In 2018, I took and passed ASE Test A1 thorough A8 = ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician
and ASE T3 & T4 = ASE Certified Medium Heavy Truck Technician
This has been on my wish list for many years! I plan to take all 7 of the Medium Heavy Truck series to achieve Master status
I started my Mechanical career at 12 years old working in my neighbors small engine shop...

ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician ASE Certified Medium Heavy Truck Technician

Here I am with "Petey"

ke0eyh and Petey

Here is my server, on the left side is my battery backup UPS.

Both of them came from the trash.
The Computer/Server is a:
HP Desktop PC m7160n
Intel Pentium D 820 2.8GHz, 64 bit Dual Core Processor

UPDATE: I have changed out my Server for a quad 4 PC (that also came from the trash)
Nobilis dx38bt / Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Quad CPU / Q8300 @ 2.50GHz 64 Bit / with a
brand new WD Purple 1TB SATA HDD installed w/ 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM
It's main duty is running Zoneminder, for our security camera network
(currently with 7 ip and 2 USB cameras) and this website keØ

HP Desktop PC m7160n Server Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS

My Batteries for the backup system:
The router and cable modem are also on the backup system
as well as a raspberry pi 3 that sends 2 live feeds to Broadcastify
of our local police traffic and the local repeater located on 145.150 w/ a 100 Pl tone
Feel free to give us a shout on the repeater via Echolink node kd7qas-R


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Latest page update: 2 Dec 2017 18:45 HRS

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